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The Joshua Bell Experiment & Too Many Choices

Here's an interesting experiment I only became aware of today (from the Washington Post's Sunday edition):

In 2007, Post columnist Gene Weingarten had violin virtuoso Joshua Bell don a baseball cap and play as an incognito busker at the entrance to a D.C. subway station. 1,097 people passed by Bell during the forty-five minutes he performed. Only seven stopped to listen to him. One of those seven recognized him. Bell collected $32 from twenty-seven passersby.

It's a well-known phenomenon among humans that when they are presented with an overwhelming number of choices they're unable to make any choice at all. That's sort of what the problem is right now today with me:  My wife Mary Lou has been off the past 15-16 days and I've let music matters slide. Now today, when I've finally tried to re-focus some of my energies on selecting an album for the next CDBaby upload, I've found it difficult to lock in on any one project.

That said, I did manage to do some work on HUMAN AGAIN, which was the first "single" in the Single of the Month series back in August of 2015. I completed a bit of re-mixing on "Am I Going Down With You?" (which was actually one of the first songs I wrote for that album but which I didn't finish until September 2015) and "Little Lulu Sunshine" (the brief first - unused - version of that HUMAN AGAIN track which finally appeared, along with "Am I Going Down With You?", on single #2, MATCHLESS MINE).

As previously noted, I also have fiddled around with compiling some tracks for a possible live album. Other than coming up with five or six songs thus far, I haven't made much headway on that record either.