Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

The Final Two at Hand

I wrote and recorded the fifth song for the final Singles Series CD yesterday. I say "recorded" but I should say mostly recorded...I suppose I got about 80-90% of it done. I hope I can finish it up this weekend. That leaves me three relatively "free" days next week to write and record the final two songs, finish up the insert and CD design and mail it off. Then, this 13 month creative odyssey is finally finished, though I feel fairly confident that I'll eventually record a couple more songs for the compilation/unique collage album. I can't guarantee that that will come to fruition but one never knows, does one?

On this day in 1965, The Hollywood Reporter ran this ad: "Madness folk & roll musicians, singers wanted for acting roles in new TV show. Parts for 4 insane boys." And so, the sweet, sometimes sad, saga of The Monkees began.

"The most fun thing I've ever been asked to autograph was breasts." -- Peter Tork