Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

The End Is In Sight

Early this morning (around 6) while I was walking my ancient border collie Sadie, almost an entire song came to me...that is, the arrangement, the chords, even the opening riff. Unfortunately, the words didn't follow, but I can always come up with lyrics if I can get the song's structure first. It's very poppy. But I love poppy (at least in the '60s to '90s rock and roll sense of the word) as long as "poppy" doesn't mean sappy. I didn't do any recording today, however. There were other things I needed to get done around the house. Probably tomorrow. I also have a pretty good idea about what I'll do for another three songs. That might be where I call this current album a wrap. Maybe not. As you know, I always play it by ear.