Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

That Was September...

A frequent flyer on bookofkills.com pointed out last night that the 16,240 songs downloaded from the Audio page occurred last month, according to an earlier entry of mine on this page. My bad. 12,168 songs were downloaded in October. I misread the statistics obviously. Still, I somehow can't wrap my head around the fact that according to my server, CDBaby, that folks from around the world downloaded or streamed an average of 393 songs a day from my audio page! 

On this day in 1963, John Lennon delivered his famous quip to the audience in attendance at the Royal Variety Show at the Prince of Wales Theatre, London:  "For those of you in the cheap seats, I'd like you to clap your hands to this one. The rest of you can just rattle your jewelry." It's odd, isn't it, how few bands in the history of popular music develop a sort of "writ in stone" mythology around their career. The Beatles, of course, are probably the first gods of pop music mythology. A distant second? I guess Bob Dylan? The Rolling Stones are probably in the top ten. Certainly the Grateful Dead. I suppose Led Zeppelin. Elvis. Gosh...I can't even think of any other artist or artists that come close to those six. Kurt Cobain and Nirvana maybe? The Sex Pistols? Pink Floyd, but mainly just Syd Barrett. Beach Boys, but mainly just Brian Wilson. Neil Young? 

Gotta go.