Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Temporary Roll Now No More

Last week I ended up writing and recording three NEW songs. Am I working on a new album? Who knows? Anyway, I was on quite the mini-roll but this week things have come to the proverbial screeching halt since I've been busy babysitting (and one day out of town on a golf detour), so, sadly, I haven't spent a single minute making music. Next week looks to be rather full of distractions as well. I doubt that I'll get much done creatively before mid-April. Sucks, but what are you gonna do when mundanity comes knocking?

Oh. Fare thee well, Cynthia Lennon. I don't think you ever got quite the fair shake in life you might have deserved. (Well...let's face it, no one "deserves" anything, but I did feel sympathy for the travails Cynthia seemed to suffer for so much of her life. Still...I imagine there are quite a few folks living in the world today who'd gladly have traded places with her. Anyway. I hope you are in a better place, Cynthia.)