Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Surprise! You're Live!

Yesterday evening, former BOK member, Brian Temples, and former Fear + Whiskey member, Amy Bugg, got married in a lovely ceremony in Port Republic, Virginia. I and my wife, Mary Lou, were privileged to be invited. Afterwards, everyone drove to Gary Bugg's house where Gary told me he and I, along with Dusty Bugg and Brian, were going to do a trilogy of Dylan songs! I hadn't played live in almost two years and I certainly didn't remember the three songs Gary wanted to do very clearly, but we'd played them together in the past enough that I had a fairly good idea how they went...and being Dylan songs, they were pretty easy to figure out. With the help of a friend from my teaching days, Jay, on keyboard, we managed to pull the little ten minute trilogy off and had a great response from the folks who gathered to watch us. No big deal, eh, but it was fun to be on a stage playing live again. There are a few pictures by Mary Lou from the show on the photo page. Again, nothing special, but a special night.