Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills


Pretty much on a weekly basis, someone emails me asking how they can support bookofkills.com. Sometimes the same people email me with the same question more than once! Sometimes they email me the same question twice in one week! Ummm...My answer is always the same: THANK YOU for wanting to support this web site. Although I don't update it as often as I suppose I should, I do try to at least put up a new song every few days (another upload today, by the way) and maybe a new photo or two and I try to blog at least once a week as well. It means a LOT to me that you care enough about Book Of Kills to want to help out, believe me! And you can help out by first turning others on to Book Of Kills music. You can also write reviews on places like iTunes or CDBaby. Very few folks have ever done that and believe me, it does make a difference. Most importantly, at least financially, you can stream BOK music or download a song or an album from Amazon or iTunes or CDBaby or any other of a myriad of online stores that deal in music. And, remember, you can order CDs from me. And you can use a credit card whether or not you have a Paypal account or not. Again, I'm sorry that I cannot personally accept credit cards through my site without Paypal. It is very expensive to set up a business account so that I can accept credit cards on my own. That's why big corporations like Paypal exist, I guess.

Thanks for caring enough to care.

By the way...a very important date in rock and roll, this July 18 is. On this day in 1953, a very young Elvis Presley recorded his first ever two songs, "That's When Your Heartaches Begin" and "My Happiness", for his mom at a Memphis recording service.

On this day in 1988, Nico died after suffering a heart attack while riding her bike in Ibiza, Spain.

Some other stuff happened, too, but I don't really care enough to write about it. And...no...I'm not going to start up the "On This Day In Rock" daily thing again. I only do it when I feel like it...about once a month.