Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Still Thinking

I had more time last week to work on music than I've had in a long while and I actually got some writing and recording done. I have 7-8 tracks that could go towards making a new E.P. I'm contemplating taking a couple of songs from RIDING THE ECHO DOWN (an album that I thought had some pretty decent tracks on it) and perhaps making a nine track E.P. for the potential subscribers I'd have if I went ahead with the "subscription thing".

Yeah, I'm still thinking about the subscription thing. I appreciate those who've contacted me about the various possibilities and the issue of whether or not I should even institute such a program.

Questions raised: Why charge for your music? (I'm not responding to that);

(2) How much music would you include for a yearly subscription? (I still don't know. Probably in the range of 15-18.)

(3) If someone started a subscription today would he or she get the same number of songs in their year's subscription as someone else who starts six months from now? (I'm thinking this could get really complicated. I guess I'd have to keep track of each person's subscription and give them each the same songs in the same order at different times. Look, there wouldn't be that many people doing this anyway. It wouldn't be that hard to keep up with everyone!);

(4) Will you sell a compilation of the songs you recorded during any one year on a compact disc at the end of the year? (I don't know that either. That's a good question. I'm thinking...right now, at least...that only someone who subscribed in the first place would get the opportunity to obtain a compact disc compilation of any one year's worth of music. That's assuming, of course, that I somehow have the creative wherewithal and good health to create several more full year's of music. But I'm really not sure.

(5) Why? (Because it would be kind of cool at this point in my life to make music only for the few people who'd want to hear it badly enough to pay a modest amount to do so. I've given away thousands of tracks in the last eighteen years. It's not like I'd be doing something immoral or overly capitalistic. If you don't want it, don't buy it. I'd be like the Renaissance artists who all had patrons. Not that I'm implying that I'm a great artist, or deserving of patrons...but...you know what I mean.)

And again...if this gets me creating music and maybe experimenting with this genre or that and just caring a lot more...that's good. If I can come up with some other goodies, like the occasional t-shirt or what have you...that's good, too.