Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Still More Quick Thoughts

I wasn't able to get started writing and recording today until about 3 hours later than I normally am able. That meant I had at best a couple hours to work on the latest song before I had to turn my attention to book sales, chores, babysitting and so on. I've mentioned previously how time-consuming coming up with the drum parts for each song is, and in fact I'd say it's never a matter of less than 2-3 hours (and oftentimes more) to get everything ready and recorded (meaning the drum track). I have to mentally sketch out the song, then map it out precisely (usually writing it all down on paper) and then come up with a suitable drum arrangement before recording the drums, of course. So today, while I got through the mental part of arranging the song, I had to stop before I could get any further, though I did come up with all the drum parts and where they'll go. I hope tomorrow I'll be able to devote more of the day to music. Thursday and Friday will largely be spent preparing for the next auction at which I hope to buy more books for future sale. If you're wondering, this is going to be another 2:00-2:30 track, probably the fastest song I've done thus far. I realized a few days ago that this album (while it won't be at the level of achievement of DIFFERENT or WASP 51! or SAINT JUDAS, will come rather close to being an (unintentional) summation of many of the styles I've employed in my music over the years. It will, if it has to, be a nice closing statement.