Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills


I believe in my last post I said something to the effect that because of other obligations I wouldn't be able to work on anymore music the rest of the week, but I had some time yesterday and ended up writing and recording a fifth song. Well...actually I got about 80% of the song recorded. I'll add a few things to the track today and then, as I've noted before, I'll probably let it sit for a while before I finish it off. No more recording until next week for sure now. I have an auction tomorrow and so forth, and with the weekend coming that'll pretty much preclude any further work on music for the time being.

My older grandson and I went to the music store yesterday and I bought an honest to god tambourine. I have no idea how many songs over the years I've recorded where I used a toy tambourine or some sort of makeshift substitute because I didn't think I should spend the money on a real one, but you know what? After all this time, I just thought perhaps it wouldn't break the bank if I laid down $16 for a real one. No one 'deserves' anything, but I've been recording my own stuff now for a long long time and I think I come as close to deserving to have a tambourine as anyone deserves anything. Ha! Isn't it absurd for me to be justifying buying a $16 musical instrument? By the way, I saw a cool looking Audio Technica microphone at the store. It has been a long time since I bought a quality mic and most of my mics are pretty beat up. Just sayin'...

I finally decided to upload 2002's ALL ABOUT YOU for my next online album. I have included EIGHT bonus tracks (including the long out-of-print BONUS E.P. that came with the first 25 CDs of ALL ABOUT YOU) with this new upload. The album should be available as early as the middle of next week on a few sites like iTunes (always the most efficient online music store) and Spotify (always the stingiest).