Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Some Ideas For The Fourth Single

Some of you know that I'm a big podcast fan. I'll listen to a good podcast, whether it be Radiolab, 99% Invisible, Watching Dead, Welcome to Night Vale, or Things We Said Today, just about any day over a TV show or movie (though USA Network's Mr. Robot FX Network's Fargo have both gotten me completely under their spells). Anyhow, I was listening to the most recent edition of Things We Said Today which focuses on a couple of new deluxe reissues of Paul McCartney albums (I think Pipes of Peace and Tug of War...neither one of which I've ever heard all the way through), and one of the moderators brought up the idea of how cool it would be to have McCartney issue an "alternate" album of say Ram (still my favorite McCartney record just nudging out McCartney) made up of acoustic demos. Of course, Paul almost certainly would never do that, but I thought it would be a really fun thing for me to do as far as one of my own albums, particularly one that's so diametrically opposed to an acoustic treatment such as Don't Stop The Scream. An all-acoustic (maybe "live" in the studio) Don't Stop The Scream? How much fun would that be as the next BOK Single of the Month Club disc?

"I used to think that anyone doing anything weird was...weird. I suddenly realized that anyone doing something weird wasn't weird at all. It was the people saying they were weird who were weird." -- Paul McCartney