Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

So Carrie Fisher's Dead?

Personally, I guess I had a pretty good year. Wrote and recorded a lot of new music. Played lots of golf with my friends. Took some fun trips with my wife, Mary Lou. Had a good year with my little book selling "business". Had some fun times with family. Got involved with a new band for the first time in three years. But...excuse my language...2016 has been a FUCKED. UP. YEAR. How many iconic figures from my youth have passed? Good lord, almost too many to recall.

Practice tonight with George and Garfield. It's going to be a long, long while before we're ready to play a show. We're practicing once a week and adding a song a week. Tonight we worked mainly on "Glass Turns to Sand". It's a tough song to play live. Then we started in on "Mexican Buzzsaw" which is even harder to play, especially for a three-piece. I have a lot of work to do on getting my guitar chops back up to speed. I'm a mediocre player as it is, but for me to be the sole guitarist on some of these songs...well, it's going to take lots of work.

So long, Carrie. I saw ROGUE ONE last night. Your little scene was great. It made me smile. I loved the movie. Thought it was better than the last one, to be honest. But you're gone now. I had a nice little crush on you, got to admit. So long. God speed to wherever we go after we go.