Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Smart Rock is a No-Sale

I've more or less finished one song for BOK Single #5. It's not exactly a catchy little ditty, but it has hyper-literate lyrics, complex motives and it's quite densely constructed. In fact, it took me a lot longer to put together than I intended. Now it's off to song two.

"Let's face it: Smart rock doesn't sell. Despite the best efforts of critics, despite the support of introspective, collegiate humanities majors who have assimilation problems, even despite the soft spot certain record companies occasionally show for music with a brain, the market share is marginal. Therefore, to persevere at making hyper-literate music that has complex motives and is densely constructed--relative to the immediate sparkle and shine of mainstream chart music, that is--is an act of bravery, commitment, or lunacy." -- Parke Puterbaugh (Stereo Review)