Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Slightly Less Slow

I had a few unencumbered hours to work on music this morning and I managed to write THREE new songs. Now granted, one of them is about 29 seconds long, and another runs about a minute, but one stretches past the two minute mark! They all connect, however, and I'm thinking that I'll probably write 2-3 more short songs to go with those three. I only recorded the 29 second one, but I've got the arrangements in mind for the other two I wrote today. I'm not going to bother making any predictions on when this new material will be done, but I can say that the song suite I started last week has been set aside for the time being. It just wasn't happening. Perhaps some day.

I should mention that Roger McGuinn was born on this day in 1942. His band (the Byrds, of course) were at one time hailed (for about half an hour) as America's "answer to the Beatles", as if America needed an answer to the Beatles. They were actually quite influential. Would Tom Petty, Wilco, Teenage Fanclub, or R.E.M. exist without the Byrds? Would the Beatles's "If I Needed Someone" have ever been written without the Byrds? Maybe, but maybe not.

"Now, you can just get a laptop, get some software, put a microphone on it and make a record. You have to know how to do it. It does help if you've had 35 or 40 years of experience in the studio. But, it still levels the playing field so artists can record their own stuff." -- Roger McGuinn