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SLeePFeeDeR Says Goodbye

The great Luray, Virginia band SLeePFeeDeR gave notice on Facebook last evening that they were calling it quits after seven years. If you were lucky enough to see them live, you know this is a sad thing. But they made an awful lot of excellent music. I can celebrate that and count myself blessed that I got to see them play a number of times.

"Dean [Stockwell] will say to me, 'David, you know this is the ninth song we've done since the last album?' I'll say, 'You're kidding me. So if we do three more, we'll have another album?' It's so much fun to experiment and find something that feels good. It's like painting: you get on one thing and that's what keeps coming out. But pretty soon it becomes boring to you, and it leads to something else. There's a transition, when you're sick of what you're doing and yearning for the next thing. And the only way to get there is to just keep trying and not be afraid to destroy something. And eventually an idea for the next thing will come out of it." -- David Lynch