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SINGLES HAVE BEEN MAILED! (+Streaming vs. Physical Product)

Single #7 was mailed today. Thanks to those of you who are supporting bookofkills.com by subscribing!

Interesting (and lengthy) essay from Paul Sinclair about streaming music vs. owning a physical version of that music. I must say that Paul is probably correct in assuming many people now eschew buying CDs or vinyl in favor of simply listening on a streaming service, to the detriment of future physical deluxe releases. Even though I dislike streaming music for a variety of reasons including the fact that streaming services do not adequately pay artists for using their music (I recently "earned" 2 cents from Rumblefish for allowing them to stream several of my songs 222 times), as well as the reality that streaming music sounds noticeably inferior to CDs or records (just ask ol' Neil Young), I myself listen to streaming music more than music in any other form nowadays. Sad but true.

“My peers and myself work really hard in the studio to bring the highest quality and the most emotion possible to the music and the artists we work with. If the listener had the opportunity to experience what we hear in the studio, they would never be able to go back and listen through crappy earbuds and compressed audio. There is so much feeling and joy experiencing music in glorious full resolution. I think it’s a matter of educating the public, and once they hear it like we experience it in the studio, folks will never settle for less.” -- Grammy-winning engineer/mixer/producer Ed Cherney, who’s worked on classic albums by Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, the Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop, and many others