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This week will again be really busy, so I doubt that I'll get a whole lot done musically. However, I will have a couple of free mornings and I am leaning heavily towards uploading a new single to BandCamp. That might well be as early as Tuesday and as late as Thursday. I have a lot of different stuff that's previously unreleased, so I haven't actually decided what I'll issue first. Very likely some sort of Fear + Whiskey thing...maybe up to five different tracks.

The Beatles started work on perhaps the greatest rock and roll album of all time, REVOLVER, on this day in 1966. Incredibly, the first song they tackled was "Tomorrow Never Knows". I sometimes reflect on the musical, emotional and intellectual journey that The Beatles took me on when I was a young kid and it really does astound me how much they asked of me as a listener from album to album. I wasn't even a teenager when I first heard the mind-blowing "Tomorrow Never Knows" (one of the strangest, most ground-breaking single tracks in the history of rock music) and yet I was completely accepting of it from the first time I heard it. It simply seemed like one more step in a logical (if that's the right word) creative progression for the band. How sad that that sort of thing doesn't appear to happen much at all in any of the arts today.