Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Single #7 ALMOST Done

I've put a lot of time into the 7th single, though honestly this one's probably the strangest of the seven I've produced so far. I really don't know if anyone will particularly like the two songs on it. One is a very weird fast/slow/fast/slow/etc/trippy instrumental coda that lasts 4+ minutes. The other is a 2 1/2 minute grinder with a totally odd vocal that I guess you'll have to hear to appreciate. Anyway, I have a little bit left to do on the insert and a couple things to add to the first song. I'll be mailing it off (almost certainly) on Monday.

On this day in 1967, Syd Barrett and his band Pink Floyd recorded their first five takes of "Interstellar Overdrive". Later the band took two versions of the song and evidently (at least according to producer Norman Smith) layered them atop one another to create the final, best-known version.

"I can't in all honesty say that the music meant anything at all to me. In fact, I could barely call it music, given my background as a jazz musician and the musical experience that I'd had with the Beatles. Still, there was something about Syd Barrett's songs that was indescribable — they were nondescript, but obviously had that Barrett magic for an awful lot of people. Nevertheless, I got along as well as anybody could with Syd Barrett. He really was in control. He was the only one doing any writing, he was the only one who I as a producer had to convince if I had any ideas, but the trouble with Syd was that he would agree with almost everything I said and then go back in and do exactly the same bloody thing again!" -- Norman Smith