Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Single #10 Nearly Done

I worked all morning on the second track of the 10th single and finished it up. I even had a bit of time left over to design and begin work on the insert and completed the front. Tomorrow morning, if I have the time, I'll finish the insert and master the two tracks, and burn them to CD. I don't think I'll be able to get around to packaging and mailing the CDs, but I have no doubt that they'll be mailed Friday. Both songs are quite good, I think...perhaps a bit abrasive-sounding (particularly track 1), but that's what I wanted. And I like the cover.

Isn't it a shame that people today largely have given up the joys of a physical disc with cover art and liner notes? What extraordinary pleasure records and...to a slightly lesser extent...compact discs brought me over the years. Downloading a digital file just doesn't make it. But such is the way of the modern world.

With only two singles to go, I have to say that I'm quite surprised that I have almost managed to pull this Single of the Month thing off. I felt confident, however, that if I made it a subscription affair, that I'd feel compelled to go through with it and somehow I did. Off the top of my head, I believe that #10 makes it forty-one songs that subscribers have received. Though the next single will also consist of two tracks, I'm hoping to make the final one four songs in length. No promises, though. I've already delivered far more music than I said I would!

I should note that SGT. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND hit number one in Great Britain on this day in 1967. It would soon do the same in the United States. In today's dollars, the record cost about $300,000 and 700 hours of studio time to produce. Try pulling that stunt today!

"Maybe this is just me, but as time goes by, I'm more bewildered by modernity. It gets more unfathomable with every passing year." -- Dylan Moran

"Maybe we took ourselves too seriously. The song 'Sgt. Pepper' should have been left as straight rock, I thought. You know, forget Billy Shears, just do the song. There were four of us then, and we had to, sort of, compromise. A concept album is a joke to me."" -- John Lennon