Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Sights Set on Single #10

Well. Just three singles left. The next two will feature two songs. The final single might likely be a little more "special", perhaps in the tradition of the eleven track first disc or the December four track edition. 

I haven't heard anything from anyone concerning re-issuing some of the tracks on the singles in an anthology format, but now I've thought about possibly forgoing that route. If you'll recall, I thought about breaking my promise to never release the tracks on the CDs to the general public. I'm considering uploading some of the material as a CDBaby album and giving Singles Club subscribers a special CD version of said album with a hand-made cover. I wouldn't release the material in CD form to the general public, but let's face it: Sadly, hardly anyone seems to care much about CDs anymore anyway. 

Anyway, I've lately thought about simple re-recoding the singles songs I really liked. The problem with that solution is that it has oftentimes been really difficult for me to get too excited about recording a song I've already done. There are exceptions, of course, but in general I've avoided doing all-new re-recordings. Regardless, it's now time to turn my thoughts to #10. We'll cross the other bridges when we get there.

I really, really, really like coffee.

BLOOM OR DIE? will be the next upload for world-wide distribution. That 1989 album, of course, was the first bearing the Book of Kills name. I would think it'll be available some time at the usual online music stores all around the earth in the next 7-10 days.

You'll never guess who has the record in Great Britain for longest continuous occupation of the number one spot on the album charts by a band. That record began on this day in 1963 and ended thirty weeks later. Starts with a "B". No, it's not Book of Kills, silly!