Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Show TONIGHT In Harrisonburg, VA At The Blue Nile

Of course, you already know that if you spend any amount of time on this web site! 

Casey, Jane, George, Pablo, and I practiced twice this week (what a concept!) and both times had excellent two+ hours sessions. Although it's hard to maintain focus sometimes if you practice the same small set of songs over and over, the fact is that several of the things we play are very open to improvisation and keep practice fresh. Really, I'm not sure any of us know precisely what will happen moment to moment with any of the material! That's a great thing. However, we all agreed that after this show when we do get back together we'll add four new songs. I hope we don't go weeks before reconvening, but we all have lots of life to live outside of this band, of course.

Hope some of you will come out to see us tonight, especially if you didn't catch us the first two times we played since reconvening as a group. I think you'll be surprised by the energy and excitement.