Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Second Single Is Nearly Finished

The second single in the Book of Kills Singles Club is nearing completion. (However, it won't be mailed for another month!) As I've noted previously, it will feature not two or three tracks, but SIX! Included will be "Am I Going Down With You?" and "Little Lulu Sunshine (Piano Version)", both from the HUMAN AGAIN sessions; a live version of "Never Be Like You" from the 2009 Outback Lodge show in Charlottesville, Virginia; a live version of "Who Dares Defy the Hand of God to War?", from a 2009 BOK practice--one of the first times the band made it through the entire song; a new composition called "Matchless Mine"; and a demo of "The Promised of the Lost Highway", from the 2007 DIFFERENT sessions. I've mixed all the songs but haven't gotten to the task of mastering them, something I probably won't finish until next week. I'll also try to put together the insert next week if I get the time to do so.

For the October single (#3), I'm thinking about recording at least one song that's a bit different and more ambitious in its construction. I'm also contemplating putting together an instrumental. But who knows? That's a long way off. I wanted to leave myself several weeks to get myself focused on producing a couple of tracks that really push the envelope, at least as far as my abilities go.

"I think that with anything creative, you should have the freedom to experiment, and that experimentation means not feeling totally responsible for how other people perceive it." -- Connor Oberst