Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Rob C. and Other Words to Read

I only see Rob Christensen a couple times a year, so it's always a treat to sit down and have lunch with him and spend a couple hours catching up and (mostly) talking about music. I got to do just that yesterday in Harrisonburg as Rob was in town. Check out Rob's web site and take a listen to some of his tunes! The guy's an exceptional talent who truly loves music.

As I've mentioned here before, every once in a great while an online "stranger" who's never heard many BOK tunes or a friend or acquaintance who doesn't know much about my music for one reason or another ends up querying me about what song or album of mine he or she should check out. I never really know what to tell them. If you like THE HAUNTED LIFE will you also like SONGS FOR A GONE WORLD? If you think TOWARD THE ESCAPE is the bees' knees will you also dig THIS IS YOUR BOOK OF KILLS?

Anyway, if you're kinda new to BOK music, I thought maybe you'd appreciate knowing what the most "popular" songs on some of the more "popular" albums of mine are as sort of an entry point into the wide and wonderful world of Book of Kills et al music. So here's a very basic, very limited, primer to guide your streaming and downloading. You're welcome! The songs listed after each title are the two most downloaded/streamed for that particular album (and not the ones I consider best). I think long-time BOK listeners might be rather surprised at some of the results.

Please note that I haven't listed every album (some of which haven't even been uploaded to online stores yet):

BLOOM OR DIE? - The Night John Lennon Died & I Hang Heavy
FOR THE GOOD OF THE CAUSE - The Ballad of Finley Preston & No Time For Love
DON'T STOP THE SCREAM - When Your Dreams & Religion is that I Love You
THE HAUNTED LIFE - New James Shelley Blues & She's the Kind of Girl
WEE JIM'S BLACKEYE - Let's Go to the Grill & Bad Person
DETRITUS - Jesco White & Never Be Like You
SAINT JUDAS - La La La La La La & My Date With Kim Deal
SPLENDID TRIGGER - Never Be Like You & There I Go Again
SO FAR IN EVERY DIRECTION - Kisses of the Crying Cooks & Especially for You
IF I SHOULD FALL - If I Should Fall & Caroline
WRITING ON THE WALL - The Handcuff King & I Leave Her There Until She Rings Three Times
ALL ABOUT YOU - Then I Kissed Her & Backing into the Future
WASP 51! - Ah Ahh Ahhh! & Better Yet Let's Go to Bed
I CAN'T GIVE YOU ANYTHING BUT LOVE - Waiting on a Busted Cloud & I Say Yes and You Say Yes
DIFFERENT - Fashion Right & Before This Shithouse Burns
THIS IS YOUR BOOK OF KILLS - Hello Teenage America & Pineapple Dog
TOWARD THE ESCAPE - Never Be Like You & River of Blood (Live Version)
THE STRANGE ONE - Like Flies in a Jar & The Shape of Your Eyes Goes Round My Heart (Long Version)
RIDING THE ECHO DOWN - I Guess You Fucked Up Another Day of Mine & You Don't Owe Me Anything