Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills


I recorded the first section of what's probably going to be a 10-12 section song (or more appropriately a 10-12 part "suite"). I didn't get to the vocal but I got the instrumentation finished. It's really difficult to write a bunch of parts that fit naturally together a la The Beatles's famous ABBEY ROAD "Medley" or Book of Kills's own "The Long One", but it's also a fun exercise in creativity, a puzzle actually. You don't know where the whole thing's going to go; it's a very organic process. You write each piece and you hope that you can splice each one to the next one.

"We made the album from a large number of songs. You see, each of us have got, maybe, ten songs to contribute to an album, but we won't get them all on. So when it's your turn to record, as it were, you've got to pick the one you want on the most, you see." -- John Lennon

Speaking of ABBEY ROAD, George recorded "Here Comes the Sun" on this day in 1969. John wasn't there since he was recovering from injuries sustained in a car wreck.

"Maybe when I get the album finished and in the sleeve, then I'll get some sort of expression of it. When I did Pepper and the White Album I got an overall image of the album, but whereas with this one, I'm kind of lost. People have said, 'It's great! It's a bit more like Revolver. Well, maybe it is, but it still feels very abstract to me. I can't see it as a whole. It all fits together, but it's a bit like it's something else. It doesn't feel like it's us. We spent hours doing it, but I still don't see it like us. It's more like somebody else. It's a very good album." -- George Harrison

And it should be noted that on this day in 1980, Led Zeppelin played their final show ever featuring all four original members in Eissporthalle, West Berlin. Their final song was appropriately enough "Whole Lotta Love".