Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Rare Recordings

I hope that you're keeping up with the recordings I've been uploading to the audio page, if (of course) you're really into collecting that sort of rare material. It's all sloppy as hell and generally sounds like crap, but you don't come to this website expecting Taylor Swift now, do you? I've put up three or four very rare songs over the last couple days including super rare performances from 2007 The Plague Dogs and 2004 Book Of Proles.

In other news, I was reminded recently that about a year ago I mentioned the possibility of the box set ADVENTURES OF AN INSPIRED AMATEUR being re-released in some updated (including Fear + Whiskey material) fashion. That's something that will probably never happen. So if you have one of those albums, you've got a piece of music that's quite rare. That said, I was talking with a friend about just this matter not so long ago and he proposed that I release a new anthology on a USB stick. That's an interesting idea. It would certainly be easier (and cheaper) than putting together a multi-CD release. Yeah...that's possible. Just don't hold your breath!

Isn't it funny how "old-fashioned" CDs seem now?