Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Quick Post...

I got just a little work done on the second song. I won't be able to do anything else until Thursday and both that day and Friday will be quite busy, so I'm looking to get things wrapped up late next week. It would be great if I could mail the singles off by next Friday, but we'll have to see. Single insert is only about 1/3 done but the hardest part (which is the art design) is done more or less.

Okay, I'm not going to be posting for the next two-three days. Thanks for listening! There are tons of BOK songs available on the internet. Explore them all! Tell your friends! Explore them all, too!

It should be noted that on this day in 1964, "I Want to Hold Your Hand" debuted on American charts. I can vividly recall my friends and I excitedly discussing the song. It was so very different from everything else we'd ever heard. The song almost seemed to have come from another planet.