Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Pulling Up The Covers

I got quite a bit of recording done on the first track for the 8th single today. Laid down the drums and bass along with an electric guitar, a bit of piano, and a couple vocals. Still, there's a significant amount of tinkering left to finish up. As I wrote previously, at least one of the songs will be a cover. There'll most likely be two again (songs, that is). 

I'm still not sure what songs I should take to the first Karl Rove practice next Wednesday. Here are the possibilities: Jesus Was An Alien, Filling In Holes (a song from the singles series), Who Dares Defy The Hand Of God To War, Abandoned, This World Is Gonna Let You Down, What Am I Supposed To Do?, Idiot Planet-->Wet Dog Shakes #3, I Fell Inside, Not Like A Mirror Image, 26 Heavyweight Bleeders On Parade, Naked, Little Metal Toys, River Of Blood, Different, Before This Shit House Burns, So Tired, Different Story, Bona Fide, The Pleasures Of Saying Goodbye, and Never Be Like You. There are probably a few others I'll think about later.

If you have some strong feelings one way or another on 6 or 7 of the above songs (or one or more not listed above) that you'd like to see in concert, let me know.