Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Progress of a Sort (Part II)

I spent most of today dealing with the bozos who've messed up the siding on our house and subsequently trying to get in a new crew who actually knows what they're doing in to fix the mess.

That said, later in the afternoon, I was able to record the basic rhythm track for the final, fourth, song for the next single. I also worked on the insert which has a bit of a '60s 45 RPM single picture sleeve vibe to it. I think I've said it before, but this will be a solid EP and worth the extra wait. I just used to love EP's (or as the were called in their digital heyday, CD-5's). I think I miss those more than just about any recorded medium other than vinyl LPs. Pavement's WATERY DOMESTIC! The Flaming Lips's FIGHT TEST and EGO TRIPPING AT THE GATES OF HELL! Mission of Burma's SIGNALS, CALLS, AND MARCHES! Jesus & Mary Chains's SOME CANDY TALKING! The Raveonettes's WHIP IT ON! My Bloody Valentine's TREMOLO! Nirvana's HORMOANING! Pixies COME ON PILGRIM! R.E.M.'s CHRONIC TOWN! Wow! Well, sorry my latest won't be up there with those tasty discs. But I did put out IF I SHOULD FALL and HUMAN AGAIN!

Anyhow...I might be late in getting it recorded and mailed, but better late than sucky I always say. And, after all, everyone's still going to get their CDs! Sorry for the delay but the new single will be on its way in the not so distant future now.