Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Possible Gigs

Deanne Good, photographer extraordinaire, is working on securing some show dates in November for SLeePFeeDeR and Book Of Kills in Harrisonburg and Luray, Virginia. Nothing solid yet. How nice, though, that someone's actually putting in the energy to find some gigs for us. Thanks, Deanne. It reminds me of the true salad days of BOK when Andrew Neckowitz served as our manager for a short while, doing a great job of lining up a bunch of shows for us during the summer of 2001.

In other matters, over the past few years, I've had an occasionally inquiry (I had, for some reason, a couple in the last week) concerning whether or not I would ever re-release the ADVENTURES OF AN INSPIRED AMATEUR anthology. You might or might not recall that this was a seven disc, 160+ track "box set" (it actually came in a cloth multi-CD case) that included all the "hits' as well as numerous unreleased outtakes, live cuts, and songs recorded especially for release on the box set. It's not something that was ever high on my priority list (I'm not aware that anything's high on my priority list these days and in fact I don't even have a priority list anymore), so I never gave it a whole lot of thought. That said, I might temporarily make it available again. I've thought about even updating it to include an eighth disc so that my adventures with Fear + Whiskey could be included. But putting together an eight disc box set is a mighty big undertaking...so who knows?