Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Pop Song #9 (Cont'd)

I'm just about finished with the ninth song. Because it's so 'poppy' (think 'She's The Kinda Girl from THE HAUNTED LIFE), I wanted to give the lyrics a certain edge and somehow differentiate them from the other songs I've done thus far that largely tend to focus on relationship matters. I ended up with probably the most existential piece I've ever written which is in such stark contrast to the Beatle-ish, arpeggio-centered music that it's almost funny. Maybe not almost. I've unfortunately run out of time, however, and wasn't able to lay down the vocal tracks. I'd hate to have to wait until next week to finish this one, but like I always say, sometimes it's good to let a song simmer before you're done with it.

As I noted earlier, I've got an idea in mind for each of the next three song already.