Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Pop Song 9

As you might know if you've been a long-time fan of Book Of Kills music or perhaps read THE BALLAD OF JIM SHELLEY, I have lyrics or bits of music mysteriously just pop into my head all the time. For some reason, although this has been happening now for twenty-five or more years, I con myself into thinking I'll remember the words or the notes so that I can write them down or record them later. Inevitably, I forget everything. A couple days ago, as I noted in the last entry, pretty much the entire musical portion of a song flashed into my head. Rather than trusting my memory this time, though, I sang/hummed the whole thing into my phone. Good thing. Later that day, I tried to recall the song and found I'd completely forgotten it. They say when you wake up, if you have the memories of a dream lingering in your head and you don't write down what details you can remember within ten minutes you'll forget almost the whole dream. Maybe songs come to me from the same region as dreams?

Anyway, I got the drum part (God, I hate coming up with drums...it takes SO long) recorded, along with a simple acoustic guitar part today. If I have time later this evening, I hope to get a good start on the electric guitar parts so that I can finish the song or come close to finishing it Thursday. Working on music this Friday through Sunday will be out of the question mainly because of family stuff.