Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Photo Page, New Song, Old Stuff, Singles Club, Etc.

Started work on a new song for Single #6 yesterday. Very very fuzzy.

I've decided that I'm not going to make Singles Club songs available by download. I take a lot of time putting together the CD package and regardless of whether or not CDs are now passe in the United States, I'm going to continue to do each month's single the way I want...as an honest to God actual physical artifact with an insert that you can hold in your hands and look at and read as you listen to the music from the silver disc (that just happens to come with the insert) spinning around in your CD player.

After receiving various occasional requests, I've finally uploaded a significant number of "new" photographs to the Photo page. Look, there are (literally) thousands of Book of Kills/Book of Proles/Karl Rove/Fear + Whiskey/etc. photographs. Many of them I've lost. Many of them I haven't and I'll continue to post some of them in the months ahead, God willin' and the creeks don't rise.

That reminds me: Every few months, I put out a call for Book of Kills related material that you might have in your possession that you think I might not have in my possession. That means photographs, videos, cassette recordings of live performances or practices, posters, and so forth. I don't need the original, unless you want to give it to me, but it would sure mean a lot to me and many others who regularly frequent this website if you could at least let me know what you have and make a copy of whatever it is you've got and send it to me. I would surely reimburse you any cost you might incur! But please...if you do have something you can copy (particularly video and audio material), I'd be very grateful for the time you took to get it to me.

No one ever responds to these pleas, but maybe one day someone or some persons will. It just strikes me that rather than having something that many other folks have never heard or seen but would love to hear or see sit in a drawer or a box makes no sense to me. But I'll sweeten the pot: If you send me a cassette (or cassettes) or VHS tape (or tapes) or CD(s) or digital file(s) or whatever of music/video you might have that you think I might not have, I'll not only reimburse you for the cost of sending it (unless it doesn't cost you anything, of course), but I'll also send you something BOK-oriented that I'm pretty certain you won't have!