Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

People Who Just Play the Hits

Early this morning I found myself, just for a second, flash on what sort of thing I'd be recording for the next single. Then, of course, I remembered that I was done with the singles. So I started thinking about the best-of disc I was going to put together for subscribers. I think I'll remix and remaster each of the songs I end up putting on that album. I'll probably record a couple new songs for it as well. Again...this is something that I probably won't complete until late November or early December, but I will be working on it off and on starting (I hope) the week after next. This coming week will be absolutely filled with other stuff I have to get done. Thank goodness I was able to finish #12 last week.

"[Musicians] who just go out and do hits year after year after year, I think the fans deserve more than that. The audiences deserve more than that. You need to give them something new, or things you really love to sing. And they love it." -- Tom Jones