Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Onward To Number Eleven

I finished up the tenth song ("You Don't Owe Me Anything") today. Dylan + Pixies + Loverboy (yup...you heard me) + Who + Go Go's + Husker Du = 2014 Book Of Kills. This one might be a candidate to add to the set list, as might be "From Eternity To Here" and/or "Marking Time" (which is all meaningless to you since you haven't heard a single note of any of this stuff.) I've gone back and listened to the other 9 songs I've largely completed and realized that I still have lots of clean up work to do on just about every single one...even re-recording a few vocal lines here and there. And, as previously noted, I've still got some little arrangement touches to add as well.

I have a clear vision of the next song. I really can't wait to get started on it tomorrow! Two songs in one week? Golly.