Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

One More Practice...

Casey, Jane, George, Pablo and I will enjoy a short practice today. Next stop will be a show at The Attic in Luray, Virginia, next Friday (November 22), which, oddly enough, is the fiftieth anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination in Dallas, Texas. Book Of Kills hasn't played very many times in Luray over the past 19 years of its existence in one line-up form or another, so make plans to come see us, in particular if you live fairly close by. I've never been to The Attic, but Casey has told me that it's a pretty cool venue. There will be three bands (including the ever-incredible SLeePFeeDeR) and the cost will be $10. If that gives you pause, well, you know what? Nothing I can say here is going to change your mind. If you'd rather stay home and watch TV or whatever, that's your call, isn't it? But you get very few times in life to experience a show of talented local musicians giving everything they've got to engage you with their unique visions. So there is that, eh?

In other news, I'm continuing sporadic work on a new album. When I say "album" I probably mean 20-25 minute e.p. As I've written here before over the last few months, I'm not sure I care much about putting together 45-50 minute albums anymore. I don't have the attention span to listen to them. I doubt many people do these days. But a good 20 minute e.p.? Sign me up! Love 'em. This one is shaping up to be something along the line of 1998's IF I SHOULD FALL. Will it be as good as that album? I doubt it. I'm not so sure anything I did before or after that little record measures up to it.

I mentioned briefly not too long ago that BOK might be part of a radio show emanating from Staunton, Virginia. I know nothing about the show, but evidently it's an acoustic thing where at most three people can fit into the studio. That might mean that Casey, Jane and I are going to do something down the road. I'm not a fan of doing stuff acoustically, but it would be a nice advertisement for the band, Not sure what'll happen. More details later.

Thanks to all of you who've purchased BOK downloads or streamed BOK on Spotify or any of the other streaming services. It doesn't mean much for me in the way of money, but it's just nice to know that a few folks like BOK music enough to actually pay to hear it. Thanks again.