Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

One BOK Line-Up Seems Set

Okay...one BOK line-up seems to be set. (I say 'seems' because...well, because we're talking about musicians here!) Zack Simpson said he'd be psyched to drum and George Nipe III is in as the bassist. So the line-up for this version of Book Of Kills (ver. 11.0 I think) will tentatively be Casey Firkin on guitar and vocals, Jane Firkin on guitar and vocals, George Nipe on bass and vocals, Zack Simpson on drums, and me on guitar and vocals. Beyond that, I don't have much to report. We haven't decided what songs we want to do. It looks as though we might jam at George's practice space, but again even that is tentative.

As far as the Brian Temples and Dustin Bugg version of BOK goes, I think Gary Bugg is sort of working on that. I'll have to get more info before I can say anything about BOK 12.0.

Whatever happens as far as the line-ups go, the potential is there for a truly unique, truly memorable night of music the likes of which most likely won't ever happen again.