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NumberOneMusic Scam!

You might recall, if you visit this site regularly, that I mentioned NumberOneMusic on a couple of occasions recently. Every time I logged onto their page, however, I couldn't help but feel that there was just something off about the whole "company" (or whatever it calls itself). I won't go into details, but after conducting a few...umm...experiments...I've come to the conclusion that N1M is a complete scam that preys on the desires of (mostly unknown) musicians who understandably crave positive feedback for their artistic creations. Anyway, avoid the site.

Three albums are available on BandCamp.com. Many more will be uploaded to the site in the coming days and weeks.

Eddie Cochran died on this day in 1960 in a car crash in England at the age of 21. Who knows how much different rock and roll would've been if Cochran and Buddy Holly (who'd died the year before at 22) had lived longer lives.

Nirvana played "Smells Like Teen Spirit" live at the OK Hotel in Seattle on this day in 1991.