Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

No Accounting For Musical Preferences...

I am constantly surprised by the songs of mine that people listen to (mainly on Spotify) daily. Case in point: While songs such as "Ah Ahh Ahhh!", "Jesco White", "New James Shelley Blues", and "What Never Was" are consistently being listened to (and understandably so since they're "catchy" traditionally structured rock and roll songs), there are other songs of mine so strange in every way that I would never imagine folks would even give them the time of day, let alone listen to them on almost a daily basis. The current most obvious examples are "The Shape of Your Eyes Go 'Round My Heart", "The Tall Dwarf's Lament", and "Waiting on a Friend", all of which have been some of the most streamed BOK songs now for the last six or eight weeks now. Go figure!

Had a brief lunch with Rob Christensen yesterday in Bridgewater, Virginia. Always great to see Rob. Got to listen to a new song of his!

If I don't get back to the web site again before Christmas, let me wish all of you who visit bookofkills.com regularly and those of you who stream and download BOK music a great holiday (if you celebrate a holiday this time of year)! God willin' and the creeks don't rise, I will continue to upload rare and unreleased music regularly in the coming year. I'm sincerely glad you enjoy listening to it. I hope the new year will bring another BOK album. Not promising anything, but I think it might.