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New Unreleased Stuff + Lou Reed Thought The Beatles And Doors Were Garbage But I Still Love Him

Here's an interesting quotation from the "Blank on Blank" series on PBS. Lou is referring to his Velvet Underground musical contemporaries: "I'm saying, from my point of view, I know this sounds pretentious, but I just thought the other stuff couldn't even come up to our ankles. Not up to my kneecap, not up to my ankles, the level we were on compared to everyone else. They were painfully stupid and pretentious. Then when they did try to get in quotes, 'arty,' it was worse than stupid rock and roll. What I mean by stupid, I mean the Doors. I never liked the Beatles. I thought they were garbage. But if you said like, 'Who did you like?' I liked nobody."

You can listen to the whole interview here.

I found a third song that I'm going to include with my latest album upload (2012's THE PLEASURES OF SAYING GOODBYE) to CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, et al. It wasn't as though I "discovered" the song. I knew I'd done it; I just wasn't sure where it was.. So now, there'll definitely be 12 tracks on the re-release of THE PLEASURES OF SAYING GOODBYE, all three of which have never seen the light of day...at least in the form they're in.

"What are these three mystery tunes?" you ask. Well, one will be the original version of "Make The Right Things Right" from 2014's early RIDING THE ECHO DOWN sessions. The one I just "discovered" is something I wrote and recorded in March of 2010, I think, as one of the two or three tracks that were supposed to show up on the third "Single of the Month" (which of course never came out), but I lost interest in it, and the "Single of the Month" series as well, and then set it aside and pretty much forgot about it. It's called "It Starts Here With Us". It's not finished, but it stands on its own nevertheless. The third song is the demo Fear + Whiskey (that would be me, Amy Bugg, Zack Simpson, and George Nipe III) recorded of "The Pleasures Of Saying Goodbye" some time in mid-2013. Yeah, that track has been released before, but this one features totally different solos AND a lead vocal by me.

So this will be a cool little upload, I'm thinking. As I remarked here not too long ago, I think the original nine songs on THE PLEASURES OF SAYING GOODBYE are pretty cool. Adding these three quality unreleased tracks makes it that much cooler! I'm hoping to have the album ready for upload this week.