Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

New Countries Added to the Party!

According to iTunes and Apple Music, BOK added listeners from Thailand, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia this month. Thanks, guys! Keep listening and keep turning others on to the music of Book of Kills. 

I believe that I'm now going to have more time to work on music (knock on wood) next week than I initially thought. That gives me hope that I will indeed finish up single #12 and mail it out to subscribers by the end of the week. And then, incredibly, I've completed twelve months of semi-intense creativity. I will not speculate on what form the final single will take or whether or not there will be a compilation until I'm done recording next week. Then, of course, I have to make a decision. Keep checking back.

The great Brian Epstein died on this day in 1967 from a sleeping pill overdose. John Lennon was well aware that Epstein's death probably spelled disaster for The Beatles.

"It's the feeling that anybody has when somebody close to them dies. There is a sort of little hysterical, sort of 'Hee, hee, I'm glad it's not me' ... you know? That funny feeling when somebody dies. I don't know whether you've had it, I've had a lot of people die on me. And the other feeling is 'What?' ... You know, 'What can I do?'" -- John Lennon, from the Rolling Stone interview in 1970.