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Music Was Better When You Were A Kid

Music today...sheesh! Does it ever suck or what! Right? Man, it was so much better back when you were a kid. And back when I was a kid? Oh, music was so much better than when you were a kid.


Spotify did a little stealth research over the past year. This is what they think they found out...

By the time you're in your late 20s, you're already turning away from current music and discovering less and less of what's new in favor of revisiting what's now old...in other words, the stuff you got into when you were a teenager and young adult. By the time you hit 33, your tastes have more or less fossilized and it's pretty much all down hill from there, Grandpa.

Have you seen the new Kurt Cobain documentary, Montage of Heck? It's masterfully made but heartbreaking and ultimately very difficult to watch...at least for me.

It is worth noting that on this day in 1972 the Rolling Stones released Exile On Main Street, one of rock and rolls seminal recordings. I'd have to say I enjoy several other Stones records more than Exile though. Beggar's Banquet, Sticky Fingers, Let It Bleed, Between The Buttons, and Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! are all more enjoyable to listen to in my estimation. Still, Exile is ungodly good.