Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Most Popular Songs By Album

Maybe two or three times a year, someone will ask me, either face to face or online, what song or songs of mine they "should listen to" to (I suppose) get a feel for Book of Kills music. I don't really ever know what to say. Usually I tell them they should listen to a song or three off DIFFERENT or THE HAUNTED LIFE or WASP 51! or IF I SHOULD FALL.

Then today, after someone asked me how and what to listen to my music online (just go to Apple Music or Spotify or Slacker or Deezer or etc), I began to wonder what single song was most listened to on each of the BOK albums currently available online to stream or download. It was a relatively easy task to get the stats from CDBaby since they keep track of how many times every single song is streamed or downloaded and on which store. So I compiled the following list. Maybe if you're new to BOK you should try out the following songs. Or maybe if you're not so new to BOK, you should try out each song below. I think you'll be surprised at some of the results ("The Shape of Your Eyes Goes Round My Heart" for THIS IS YOUR BOOK OF KILLS?) and not so surprised at some of the others ("Abandoned" for DON'T STOP THE SCREAM).

Songs For A Played Out Generation – Jesco White

Wasp 51! - Ah Ahh Ahhh!

Different – Fashion Right

In My Room: The Best of Book of Kills, Volume 1 – I Hang Heavy

Saint Judas – Waiting On A Friend

Riding The Echo Down – I Guess You Fucked Up Another Day Of Mine

Detritus – Negative Creep (Live 1994)

Writing On The Wall – The Handcuff King

The Pleasure Of Saying Goodbye – Six Shadows Lost

If I Should Fall – Caroline

The Strange One – I'm Going Back To The Zen Arcade

The Haunted Life – New James Shelley Blues

Wee Jim's Blackeye – Let's Go To The Grill

I Can't Give You Anything But Love – We Are Here Because We're Here

So Far In Every Direction – This Time Maybe

This Is Your Book Of Kills – The Shape Of Your Eyes Goes Round My Heart

Toward The Escape – Fade (The Ballad Of Kurt Cobain)

All About You – Then I Kissed Her

Don't Stop The Scream - Abandoned