Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

More Thoughts On The New Album

I listened (for the first time since I finished it) to the whole album late last night and I was struck by a couple of things: (1) This record is definitely stronger than 2008's THIS IS YOUR BOOK OF KILLS, though I hold a lot of affection for that particular record for various reasons. This one's more cohesive (though perhaps not quite as adventurous) and it is infinitely more emotional. I think it is as well-played as I could make it and as well-arranged as I could make it. That's in large part, I think, due to the fact that I took my time and didn't rush anything to completion; (2) It's a really good headphone album. No, it's no MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR or THE WHITE ALBUM or DARK SIDE OF THE MOON or whatever classic rock album serves as the model of a great headphone record, but it has a lot of layers to it that don't necessarily reveal themselves all at once. I think it's one of those albums, too, that will take at least a couple of listens to really "get". Just my opinion.

Gotta go. I'm meeting Rob Christensen for lunch.