Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

More On Single #3

Today I managed to capture two pretty decent "live" takes of "Killing Time Again" and "Stanley the Steamer". That makes three tracks in the can. I might stop there for this single. These recordings are pretty cool. They obviously don't have the fullness of a multi-track, studio "finished" song, but they come off like a really well-recorded session in the practice room. The only thing I'm debating is whether or not to add a second vocal to choruses. I'm leaning towards not doing so since I like the idea of making these recordings as live-feeling as possible. Double tracking a vocal would obviously take away from the concept.

If you're keeping score, I promised Singles Series subscribers would receive a minimum of 24 previously unreleased recordings during their year's subscription. Thus far, after receiving the third single, subscribers will already have twenty! After mixing (should be easy!) and mastering the three new tracks, I'll work on an insert. I'm hoping I can find a few unreleased photographs of George, Mike and me.