Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

More Music Begins Next Week...

Next Tuesday I'll begin working in earnest on putting together an upload for CDBaby. That entails a lot more work than you might imagine.It takes several hours to ready everything. If I do indeed choose to upload an album of songs from the Singles Series, I will most likely re-mix and re-master all of the tracks.

I'm also wondering if perhaps I might write and record a new three or four track EP exclusive CD for Single Series members who so unselfishly supported my music creation over the last year. That sounds like a good idea. I could take my time and not worry about monthly "deadlines".

Also, I'm in the early stages of deciding what songs I'd want to play for a (possible) new (and final) band. There's just not enough information to relay yet, though I can say that there's a possibility that George Nipe III would play bass and Garfield Banks would play drums. A final version of Book of Kills in the works? Maybe so.