Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Meeting Tonight

Casey and Jane Firkin, George Nipe III and I met in Harrisonburg earlier this evening. It was really great to get together with them.Those three persons have met so much to me musically and as friends, so it was fitting that we would somehow come together with the express purpose of playing (at least) one gig...that being, of course, Bugg's Bash in mid August. We "narrowed" the song selection down to 15-16 tunes with the expectation that we would get the final tally down to 8-9. It was good to sit and talk and joke with Casey and Jane again. (Of course, I've been playing on and off with George now for 6 years). I've always felt comfortable with them. One very exciting thing was the knowledge that Casey would be up front playing guitar and singing. Of course, the sticking point is that we have no drummer. Jane thinks she might be able to find one in Staunton (where she now lives). I'm crossing my fingers because I really want this whole thing to come together. Is there the possibility, as some of you have already asked me, that we'd play shows beyond the August performance? I can't really say, but perhaps if the experience is good and creative and productive and satisfying for all of us (and if we find a satisfactory drummer), we might continue in some shape or form in the future. It's not something that I can speak for the others about. Right now, I just want to find a drummer and get a set list in order.