Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Mailed to Subscribers

A couple more folks have volunteered to look for vintage BOK material and either send it to me or make digital copies of it and forward it to me. The response has been edifying. Thank you. The era I will appear to be most lacking in by far, unfortunately, will be the 1997-98 era which featured the short-lived Dave & Brian Buracker, Brock Beatty line-up. We only played six shows before breaking up but we had a good time together and created some good music. Anyway, if you have any stuff from that period, it would sure be nice to see/hear it.

The singles have been mastered, printed, burned and wrapped and were mailed late this morning. I'm betting with the remnants of the snow still having a not insignificant effect on the easter half of the nation that delivery will be slow. As always, these songs (just two this time) are different from anything else in the series but I really like both of them. In fact, both would have probably made for good live songs.

I should note that on this day in 1956, on of the most revolutionary singles of all time, Elvis Presley's "Heartbreak Hotel", was released.

Also on this day, John Lennon wrote, recorded and mixed his brilliant "Instant Karma". It was released just ten days later.

Pete Seeger died on this day in 2014. Still mourned.