Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Kurt Still Dead

On this day in 1994, Kurt Cobain's body was found in his greenhouse. How could that be twenty-two years ago?

You want to know the really sad thing about that, besides the fact that Kurt is dead? When he committed suicide, or when he was murdered (I think there's compelling evidence to suggest he was murdered), vital rock and roll seems to have died with him. Maybe rock was exhausted by then anyway, who knows? But I know that I more or less stopped searching out new music around about 1995. In truth, I started to listen to music around that time less and less. On the other hand, I continued to make more and more music myself.

"There were songs that Kurt would woodshed. He would come in with it, and we would work it out, build it up. There were songs that were made up on the spot, coming out of jams, which took a few rehearsals to come together. But they would find form. That was a thing with Kurt – he could have a riff, but then he was so good at vocal phrasing. He would usually write the lyrics at the last minute. But he was so good at vocal phrasing [in rehearsals]. And voilà – you have a song." -- Kris Novoselic

“My lyrics are total cut-up. I take lines from different poems that I’ve written. I build on a theme if I can, but sometimes I can’t even come up with an idea of what the song is about.” -- Kurt Cobain