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Kim Deal quits the Pixies?

I woke up today at the beach (our last day there...I'm home now and vaguely depressed), logged onto my computer for the morning's news and discovered that Kim Deal had left the Pixies again. First, I didn't know that that band was technically even still "together". They haven't done anything together since 2011 and they haven't released a new song since, what? 2004? Second, nonetheless, I was sad to read the news, but I'm not sure why. Maybe because this seems like it's a permanent goodbye? I've loved the Pixies since I first discovered them in 1987. I was very down when they disbanded acrimoniously in 1993. The Breeders helped assuage my grief but still...I love the Breeders but they aren't the Pixies. Then, when Kim, Frank, Joey and David reunited in 2004, I was excited. I got to see them in 2007 (I also saw them in 1989) and they were freaking brilliant (both times). But somehow I felt, as good as the 2007 show was, that their reunion tours were ultimately about making a lot of money and not so much about the need to produce great music together again. And from 2004 through 2013, the managed to record (as far as we all know) two songs. Then I heard that the band were recording new material. That rumor got me excited. If any group of '80s/'90s rockers could pull off a great reunion album it would be the Pixies. And maybe that's why I'm sad that Kim has blown off the band. Again. There is no Pixies without Kim. Everyone knows that. And the hope that the four of them had it together enough to possibly produce a new record is now dashed. I suppose I should be happy that we were given as much of the band as we got. But one more (great) album would've been nice.

Still not much news as far as Casey, Jane, George, et al goes. Jane emailed some positive news about a possible drummer. He seems to be interested and he has been recommended by the Findells, which is high praise in my book. We might jam next week, though if we do Casey wouldn't be available due to other musical commitments. Still, if George, Jane, the new drummer and I could jam that would be a worthwhile start. And yes, I'm well aware that this is a reunion, too. But obviously it's not about money.