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Just Play Live

From a recent interview with Dave Grohl, courtesy of CDBaby:

Interviewer: What would you tell four guys in a garage that have a good batch of songs? What would you tell 'em to do today?

Dave Grohl: Go play live. Just play live. I don't understand the industry. I don't understand where music is headed. I don't really understand technology. I just know that when you walk into a club and you see a band that blows you away, you are gonna follow that band. You're gonna either buy their CD or find them online or see them the next time they come to play. You don't have to stand in line at the song contest on TV to become a fucking popular musician. Fuck product placement and fucking labels and A & R people and all that fucking bullshit. All that fucking bullshit, it fucking doesn't matter...and if you back that up with the idea that playing those great songs in your great live band is enough reward for you, then you're fucking set. But you've just got to be badass. You've just got to be really good. It's the other things that make up for your musical inability. I mean, as a drummer, I never felt like, 'I'm going to be on the cover of MODERN DRUMMER magazine because I'm the best fucking drummer in the world.' I just knew that if you put me on stage without a fucking P.A. or floor monitors in a small club, that I would beat the fucking shit out of my drums so much that people would go, 'God Damn! Did you see that fucking drummer? Woa!' And I'd walk away from every show like, 'There you go! I just beat the fucking piss out of those things and people saw it.' And that was great! So at the end of the show I was a successful musician because I had achieved what I wanted to achieve.